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Restoration of the stone

The restoration of marble and natural stone consists of restoring surfaces that show significant deterioration due to the passage of time or due to heir continuous use and what is wanted is to preserve them in their best condition maintaining their original aesthetics.


Thanks to our years of experience we have been able to carry out numerous works in marble and works for the rehabilitation and recovery of different spaces and places. We restore any element sculpted on marble or stone, both for individuals and for construction professionals. Homes, big buildings, indoors or outdoors, at Mabello we have no limits!


All our work is based on three fundamental pillars: Experience, innovation and quality.

Restoration of the stone

This type of restoration is very common, especially in the historical centres of cities or in the oldest areas. At Mabello we can do any work for the restoration of stone.
Although stone is a difficult material because it is very resistant and hard, it is a material that ends up deteriorating and losing its brightness and beauty over the years. So restoration work, polishing to eliminate imperfections that may have appeared and subsequent treatment of the stone are necessary to get it back to its original brightness.

Restoration of stone projects

As a company dedicated to marble , one of our most important works is the restoration and rehabilitation of marble floors. Marble in its newest state looks like a mirror, but cracks and stains can appear. With the passage of time and due to wear and tear. When marble floors have a dull shine and imperfections, it is time to get to work.
We get optimal results with our restoration works for marble floors.. At Mabello, our procedure consists of grinding and polishing the marble to return it to its original shine.
Do you want to know more about our rehabilitation projects? Contact us and we will be delighted to help you!




Selection of different restoration projects







Check out our catalogue to learn about the different types of projects and materials that we use in Marble Mabello.

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